Club Meeting – Jan 21, 2014

The Jan. 21, 2014 club meeting was attended by non-Rotarian guests from Japan and focused on the support trips for the Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) victims. The meeting was preceded by a PowerPoint program (slide show presentation) of the Dec. 6-14, 2013 trip. Some of the guests attending had donated cash and goods distributed to some of the most needy during the trip. The proposed Jan. 27-Febr. 3, 2014 second trip was discussed and finalized. The meeting was followed by a fellowship get-together with the Japanese guests.

RC-Multinational Manila Club Meeting 1/21/14

Club Meeting – Jan 7, 2014

Multinational Manila’s Jan. 7th, 2014 club meeting was attended by a municipal councilor from the City of Alfonso who is also a visiting Rotarian from Ermita. She reported that the City of Alfonso had collected and also saved cash donations and toys for direct distribution to Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) survivors. However, city officials were reluctant to proceed because of safety and security concerns. Pres. Dr. Klaus was asked and promised to accompany representatives from the City of Alfonso and DSWD for such a trip at his own expense and provide security. He was familiar with the area, having visited it during his club-supported first Typhoon victim support trip Dec. 6-14, 2013. Club members assisted immediately with drawing up an itinerary and making travel arrangements.

Discussion with the municipal councilor 01 Discussion with the municipal councilor 0

2014 Gift Giving to Indigent & Family Planning

January 03, 2014

JRIMM (Rotary International Multinational Manila) Rotarians collaborated with DSWD (Department of Social Welfare Development) and AWH (Academy of World Healing Foundation) in providing commodities such as rice, other food items, firewood and clothing to 82 indigent families in barangay (village) Kaysuyo, Alfonso, Cavite. Family planning was high on the minds of almost everyone attending and was stressed by Rotarians in subsequent talks.

JContraceptives are available at health centers and contraceptive methods are being taught by midwives. However, there is a community-wide shortage
of them.  Among the women there was an overall consensus for the need for more effective  family planning as it can still provide a better future for their children. Limited resources can somehow still be shared without accelerating the cycle of poverty, hunger, despair and human degradation
that is visible everywhere because of the runaway population explosion.

kaysuyo01 kaysuyo02 kaysuyo03 kaysuyo04