International Medical Assistance for National Emergency

During November 2015 through January 2016, RIMM (Rotary International Multinational Manila) coordinated a non-profit & non-government organization called Japan Heart, which dispatches Japanese volunteer medical doctors and nurses to ASEAN countries, with governmental organizations in the Philippines in order to provide their medical assistance in case of national emergencies.

RIMM introduced Japan Heart to 4CDG-ARESCOM (4th Regional Community Defense Group, Army Reserve Command) and visited Colonel Pasqual at Camp Eldridge, Los Banos, Laguna. It was agreed that 4CDG-ARESCOM would facilitate land-transportation for emergency medical mission of Japan Heart in the region 4A (CALABARZON) & 4B( MIMAROPA).

20160113_094255 (Medium)20160129_100619 (Large)RIMM then set up an meeting with the Department of Health. Director Dr. Gloria Balboa of Health Emergency Management Bureau summoned Chief Health Program Officer Dr. Joel Buenaventura and Medical Specialist Dr. Ronald Law of Bureau of International Health Cooperation and had a meeting at DOH office in Santa Cruz, Manila with Japan Heart representative Ms. Mika Aono and aneurosurgeon Dr. Miki Kanaji who is a RIMM member and volunteered in Myanmar with Japan Heart.

RIMM and Japan Heart learned that after typhoon Haiyan (Filipino name: Yolanda) there was a bill constructed to deal with such National disaster emergency and PIHAC (Philippine International Humanitarian Assistance Cluster) was established, as there was no such organization before. PIHAC is authorized on behalf of the other department such asĀ  DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) and DOH to handle and coordinate foreign voluntary organizations which come to assist in case of emergency. Basically in normal time PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) licenses are required to conduct medical services in the Philippines. However, it will be waived with pre-registration with DOH as a foreign voluntary organization.

Japan Heart confirmed to work on the application documents for pre-registration.

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District Governor Obet Visit

On January 20, 2016, the DG Obet, DGE Rudy and the other district officials visited RIMM (Rotary International Multinational Manila) headquarters in Alfonso, Cavite. All the RIMM club members including Henry Komorita from United States, Dr. Miki Kanaji from Japan, Ivan Indrisi originally from Holland and Imelda Domingo from Olongapo attended the meeting. Various topics were reported and discussed including RIMM’s flagship program of family planning, teenage pregnancy, Helping Aetas tribes, road safety, indigent support, coordination for volunteer Japanese doctors and nurses at National emergency and health concerns on tuberculosis.
Lunch was served at a cafeteria together with the overseas guests of AWH (Academy of World Healing Foundation) that provides its venue to RIMM.

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Basic Life Support Training for Rotaract Carmona

On January 9, 2016, based on the request of Carmona Rotaract Club, A.L.E.R.T (Alpha Luksuhin-Ibaba Emergency Response Team) chartered by our honorary club member Jun Baurile who also serves ARESCOM (Army Reserve Command) as a sergeant, conducted a basic life support and emergency health management training in Carmona, Cavite on a voluntary basis.

About 30 Rotaract youth members participated and learned how to use a triangle bandage to make knots and ties for support of head, arms, legs and torso on spine-board. CPR training is also provided. The training started in the morning continued on until 4pm in the afternoon.

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