Christmas giving to indigents

Starting early morning of Dec 23, RIMM Rotarians delivered several van loads of cured firewood to 21 indigent squatter camp families in Brgy. Lucsuhin.  Led by IPP Raymund and supported by volunteer Christine, the wood shipment was followed in the afternoon with the delivery of 5kg. rice for each family, 80 coconuts, pandesal bread and coins for the children who put everyone in the Christmas mood by singing Christmas carols. Christmas is truly for the children.

On Christmas day PE Betty along with husband Fred and the whole family opened their home to the same indigent families and other indigents in the neighborhood, serving several hundred hearty meals from a large roasted pig along with individual wrapped presents for each child.

Christmas giving in conjunction with DSWD, Alfonso

On December 20, 2016, the Christmas giving party planned by RIMM in cooperation with DSWD-Alfonso, Cavite which had selected 51 of the poorest families in three barangays, got underway on a beautiful sunny day. By 8:00 am three vans and one truck had been loaded at the RIMM H.Q. with cured firewood for cooking, 51 bags of rice, assorted canned goods and coconuts. Additionally bananas, noodles, shampoos and bath soaps had been donated by volunteer Christine and her family.

The gift distribution team consisting of IPP Raymund, PE Betty (with husband Fred, grand daughter Ashana & assistant Andy), Honorary Member Jun Baurile, volunteer Christine, DSWD Alfonso Officer Gina (with husband Ric) and supportive members of her staff then quickly departed for the scheduled all-day event. Most of the items were distributed at individual homes but because of time limitations, some were distributed at a barangay hall. The handing out of gifts to surprised but very appreciative participants was accompanied by singing of Christmas carols with the children also heartily participating and receiving P20 bills for their spirited efforts in addition to ice cream from the ice cream vendor. It was truly a memorable and meaingful Christmas event for everyone.

Indigent Support in Usting Continued

Since our direction of how to take care of the indigent baby girl with hemangioma in Usting, Luksuhin, Alfonso, Cavite was altered to more natural remedy with the Chinese herbal doctor in Chinatown, Manila, instead of going through PGH (Philippine General Hospital) with the modern medicine which is catered to indigents based on our discussion at our last club meeting, our club president and the incoming president visited the resettlement sites in Usting to check the status of the baby girl.

We took a van load full of fire wood provided by Academy of World Healing Foundation (AWH) for cooking duck eggs (balut) for their livelihood business. We also brought some foreign chocolates for the children.

The new plan of three children limit per couple from the new president was reminded to them.

The appointment was set with the baby girl with hemangioma with her mother for coming Monday to go to Chinatown.

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Christmas Giving to Indigents

December is a giving time especially to children that suffer in poverty from the uncontrolled population explosion. Many of the indigent settlers from Samar Island who used to live in barangay Mangas II, Alfonso, Cavite were forced to relocate and now reside in Usting, barangay Luksuhin Ibaba. Because of space limitations families settled in several locations separated by about a 15 minute walk.

RIMM members visited these two sites and  provided sacks of rice, quality used clothes from Japan, firewoods for cooking their balut (fertilized duck egg with developed embryo), coconuts, P100 for each family, etc. Selling of balut is their livelihood and requires a ready supply of firewood which they have to buy if not available.

New club member Betty handed out 20 peso bills to the children and the elderly. Christmas cheer was celebrated with singing songs of the season. Betty also invited all indigents to a Christmas Day Party (Dec. 25th) at her home where she and her husband provided a hearty meal to over 100 indigents as well as gifts for the children.

20151222_113945 (Medium) 2015 12-22 Ustin 1 Betty giving to children (Large) 2015 12-22 Ustin 2 Raymund, to mothers (Large) 2015 12-22 Ustin 2-Rotarians, Christine, Ice Cream (Large) 2015 12-22 Ustin1 Group Photo #1 (Large) 2015 12-23 Truckload of firewood for Ustin II (Large) 20151222_102122 (Medium) 20151222_103628 (Medium) 20151222_103859 (Medium)

Bridging for Disaster Related Medical Missions

On December 6, 2015 (ST. Nikolaus Day) the ARESCOM (Army Reserve Command) of 4RCDG (4th Region Community Defense Group) of the Philippine Army (PA) sponsored a feeding program, largely for children, in Julugan, Tanza, Cavite.
Participating soldiers were volunteers and Colonel Pascual and Major De Sagun personally helped to fund the event.

Former Rotarian presidents of RIMM had been invited to the event as it was known that RIMM Rotarians (Rotary International Club Multinational Manila) had personally conducted three support tours to the disaster-stricken areas of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) and that one of its members – a doctor residing in Japan – also volunteers her services to “Japan Heart“. Japan Heart, a Japanese NGO, dispatches groups of volunteer doctors and nurses to Southeast Asian countries during natural disasters and can be of great assistance in the Philippines during such destructive calamities.

Past RIMM president Casey, a native of Japan, discussed his contacts with Japan Heart and followed up with arranging a person-to person meeting with Colonel Pascual and Major De Sagun in January 2016 as the representative of Japan Heart will visit the Philippines for the purpose of expanding its services to the Philippines.

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Updates on Indigent Settlers

RIMM has continued to provide financial assistance to the indigent settlers originally from Samar Island who were evicted from Gulad, Mangas II and recently relocated to Usting, Luksuhin Ibaba, Alfonso, Cavite, to help constructing their simple housings which mostly consist of plywood, bamboo and tarpaulin (plastic sheet).
Their request of C.R. (comfort room) is now fulfilled. Two toilet rooms were constructed on a concrete base with a roof covered for both toilets that give them total privacy.
RIMM took some Japanese guests there, who visited Academy of World Healing Foundation, donating used clothes, slippers, rice, snacks for children, firewood, etc. It was also for educational purposes so that the Japanese guests learn how certain people live in the Philippines and develop their mind to help others.

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Providing Housing Materials for Informal Settlers

September 12, 2015

RIMM donated initial construction materials to assist in rebuilding the shanties of the informal settlers at Usting, Luksuhin Ibaba who were evicted from barangay Mangas II in Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines.

Barangay Luksuhin Ibaba lady Captain Cynthia was on site with us to witness the donation of the materials and rebuilding of the shanties.

Richard, the leader of the informal settlers, worked with all the male settlers on building four houses (one of which where Henry’s family resides) that needed assistances the most. They were very grateful of RIMM’s donation of the housing materials.

An additional funding is allocated to continue their house reconstruction this month.

IMG_20150911_083708 (Large)

RIMM is buying housing materials at a local hardware store for the informal settlers.

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Indigents Evicted

The indigent residents in barangay Mangas II, Alfonso, Cavite, whom we helped with birth certificates, received an eviction order from the land owner as the land was sold. They need to vacate there by the end of July, 2015. Some have already gone back to their home town in Samar. Some went to Bacoor where they previously settled. Many have managed to settle in near by market area in barangay Luksuhin.
Our club president visited the site and observed their moves. Our club has decided to assist the settlers in Luksuhin in providing shelter materials and some tools for their new houses that are made of bamboos, plastic sheets, coco lumber and tin roof sheets.

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Donation of A Solar Charger

As we learned that the residents of the squatter village in Mangas II, Alfonso, Cavite were paying 10 pesos for every cellphone charging at their neighbor house, RIMM member donated his personal solar charger device to them.
Many gathered to see the magical instrument which they likely have never seen in their life. Since some cellphones required additional adapter cables, RIMM donated P150 cash so they can buy them in the market.

Updates of Henry (who were almost dying in the beginning of the year): He shaved his hair and looked all right.
Updates of the baby girl with a lump on her arm: The little space with some tarpaulin sheet wrapped as wall is where the mother and the baby girl sleep. They are just “borrowing” the space to sleep. The skin surface of the hemangioma has scabs.
The recently delivered baby who had a little jaundice before seem to be all right now. She just has some mosquito bites.20150331_152507 (Medium) 20150331_152837 (Medium) 20150331_152912 (Medium) 20150331_153023 (Medium) 20150331_153111 (Medium) 20150331_153856 (Medium) 20150331_153936 (Medium) 20150331_154541 (Medium)

Indigent Family Support with Guests from Overseas

Guests from overseas, largely Japan, had donated clothing to RIMM (Rotary International Multinational Manila) and wanted to further assist the 25 Samar families of the squatter village in barangay Mangas II, Alfonso, Cavite through RIMM. Totally 5 days in different groups IPP (Immediate Past President) Klaus drove them by AWH van to the site where clothing, rice, staples and baked goods were distributed as to the needs of the families. Representatives from DSWD worked with the group’s leader on indigent certificates subsequent to meetings RIMM had with them at City Hall. Seven family support (and cleanup days with all children receiving P5 for picking up garbage0 were conducted during the month. Bags were provided to the children for trash collection and hauled by RIMM from the site for proper disposal.

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