Teenage Pregnancy Forum at Kaytitinga National High School in Alfonso, Cavite

October 15, 2016
RIMM conducted a Teenage Pregnancy Forum presented by the single teen mother Ronalyn at Kaytitinga National High School in Alfonso, Cavite. 
It was attended by 190 Grade 9 students. They actively participated by asking many personal & sensitive questions to Ronalyn.
According to one of the school teachers, they have about 700 students total and each class has about 60 students. There are not enough classrooms, she said.
A Certificate of Appreciation was given in recognition of our invaluable support and initiative in conducting the Teenage Pregnancy Forum at their school. 
Seeing the enthusiasm of the Grade 9 students at the forum, the said school is requesting RIMM to conduct another Teenage Pregnancy Forum for Grade 10 students (of over 100 students). 
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Rotary Club of Setagaya Central – Japan

October 6, 2015

IPP Casey and Rotarian Kimiyo of RIMM visited Rotary Club of Setagaya Central (District 2750) in Tokyo, Japan. IPP was given an opportunity to make a presentation about Philippine’s augmented population.
After amicable banner exchange and brief introduction of both clubs and the speaker, a slideshow presentation was given to explain about the status quo of the over-populated country including teenage pregnancy and prevalence of family planning.

The Japanese club members seem to have been shocked to learn that teenage pregnancy starts from age 12 and teenage pregnancy forums at high-schools had to be intensively conducted by a non-government entity like RIMM, as such status rarely exists in Japan.

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