Building a MRF (Material Recovery Facility) Site

Improper garbage collection has created a health hazard Disease prevention and treatment
Improper garbage collection has created a health hazard

A temporary holding facility for the collecting of residual waste (non-recyclable garbage)

Many barangays (local communities/villages) do not comply with laws pertaining to separation/recycling of garbage and not polluting nearby waterways and groundwater with dumped garbage. RIMM Rotarians therefore had met with local and City Health official in their community and had proposed a bi-weekly curb-side residual waste pickup brought to a roadside collection site designated by the community for monthly pick-up by the City’s dump truck. Project start-up, first year and creek clean-up financial assistance would be provided by RIMM in addition to the money collected from 12 commercial facilities including AWH (Academy of World Healing Foundation). However, the project started on the wrong foot with the residual waste collectors picking up all garbage despite the strict order of only picking up residual waste after the garbage had been separated by residents. The wrongly collected garbage immediately caused health concerns as it accumulated along the road designed for residual waste pickup only. Rotarians and local officials immediately made the garbage pickup rounds with garbage collectors to further educate the public and to assure that only residual waste was picked up. RIMM then immediately committed to building a roofed and dog-proof MRF (Material Recovery Facility) collection site for the temporary storage of residual waste because of public health and safety concerns.


  1. […] The municipal dump truck has been picking up residual wastes at the MRF shed, which has been built with the donations by AWH and RIMM. […]

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