Subdermal Implant Support

Disease prevention and treatment

On April 11, 2018 a Progestin Subdermal Implant (PSI) activity at no cost for women in Alfonso was spearheaded by Friendly Care Foundation (FC), Alfonso Municipal Health Center and our club. FC arrived from Manila to perform the implant. FC provided all of the necessary materials to conduct the implant. Dr. Manzo, chief of Alfonso municipal health center, had enlisted 100 women for the implant. The seminar room of Alfonso health center provided the venue of the implant. FC relayed general information about the implant and answered queries before pre-screening the assembled women.

RIMM gave P200 cash each to the 100 enlisted women to buy food. Pre-screening by FC excluded 15 women due to the following reasons: (1.) had engaged in sex 3 days prior to the pre-screening, (2.) positive test result of pregnancy, (3.) still in the middle of injectable contraception.

The majority of the women were grateful to avail of the implant. The insertion of the bendable match-stick like implant under the skin of the upper arm was painless and it allegedly prevents pregnancy for 3 years. Some young teen below 17 also received the implant.

PE Raymund manged to get 4 indigent women from Usting in Luksuhin to avail of the free implant and Honorary Member Carlito managed the crowd control of the event.

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