Rotarians Spoke on Creative Society

Basic education and literacy

Rotary clubs have engaged in activities to help people and communities largely under its 6 areas of focus namely basic education and literacy, disease prevention and treatment, economic and community development, water and sanitation, maternal and child health and peace and conflict resolution.

Such activities have mostly been reactive to the events that have happened, such as providing aids to damaged areas by natural disasters, ending polio, etc.

Now, Rotarians are stepping forward and challenging to create a new format of society.

We can see that the existing consumerist format of society is a dead end. As the result of pursuing profits of a few people, groups or corporations, there are dire poverty, wars and destruction in nature. Even mainstream mass media are control by them and the truth has been hidden. They do not tell us that there are unstoppable climate changes, but we have already seen or experienced them.

We people have to rise and unite. We need to voice that we want to end this consumerist society and create a new society that belongs to people and is organized directly by people.

Such movement has already been active. Please see the Creative Society format.

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