RI District 3810
(Manila, Pasay, Cavite, Occidental Mindoro)
Club 77507 Multinational Manila
Club H.Q.: City of Alfonso, Cavite Province

RI Multinational Manila was founded in March 2007 and initially consisted of a core group of expats from Australia and the Netherlands supported by businessmen from Europe who visited the Philippines on a short-term assignment. Because of the volatility of its overseas members the club had largely shrunk back to its founding group which supported indigenous Aetas in outlying areas such as Subic Bay. A core group of dedicated German, Japanese and United States citizens that spent part or full time in the Philippines then revitalized the club. Instead of just focusing on a rapid increase in membership, a more stringent member recruitment policy was put in place that closely vets prospective new members for their dedication to Rotary, family planning, and their ability to positively interact with and assist the club as a team with its long-ranging goals. Family Planning/Reproductive Health became its flagship program in an attempt to effectively address the population explosion which is the root cause of poverty, human degradation and environmental destruction witnessed by them in the Philippines. Typhoon victims’ disaster aid, relocation of fishermen families from inundated offshore islets, livelihood assistance to poor and destitute inclusive of indigenous people, and raising the importance of basic education and health are all inter-related projects also being carried out.

The club’s core FAMILY PLANNING-REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH action projects, in focusing on the root cause of poverty, addresses all of ROTARY’S AREAS OF FOCUS. Maternal and Child Health, Basic Education and Literature, and Economic and Community Development benefit greatly with the benefits extending to Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution, Disease Prevention and Treatment, and Water and Sanitation.

The club moved its H.Q. to the province of Cavite in an effort to effectively carry out its mission not only in the cities but also the provinces. Its self-funded club headquarters with its western-style facilities provide unique opportunities for sister club members to visit and personally evaluate and appreciate the effectiveness of long-range cooperative efforts. Overseas sister club members are welcome to stay there at no cost (except for food and transportation). Lodging is the compliment of Rotary Multinational Manila.

Environmental scientist Klaus Radtke (PhD. 1981. University of California, Berkeley), has led and invigorated the club as president from 2012-2014 with its NEW team of Japanese and US Rotarians. 2014-15 club president Casey Takayama is continuing its humanitarian projects, focusing on Family Planning/Reproductive Health while seeking support from overseas sister clubs, especially in Japan.

Club Meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the club’s H.Q. in Cavite. If club members are traveling overseas or are involved in local humanitarian projects the meeting time may be changed to accommodate Phone and Skype participation. We are pleased to have visitors but please call ahead if you want to visit the club.

Given by RI President Sakuji Tanaka (RY 2012-2013)

Endowed by RI President Sakuji Tanaka (RY 2012-2013)

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