Rice Giving to Resettled Families with misdemeanant minors

Basic education and literacy

On June 1st, 2024, our club Rotarians, PP Raymund and PP Casey, together with the guests of Japanese nationals, Mr. Ken Yamamoto and Mr. Tetsuya Yamashita, first visited the MSWD (Municipal Social Welfare Department) facility in Alfonso, Cavite, where currently 7 CICL (Children In Conflict of Law) stay under surveillance.
They committed misdemeanor such as involvement in rape case, stealing motorcycles, etc.

Our club and Academy of World Healing Foundation (AWH) made a monetary donation to CICL so that they can purchase their personal needs, such as hygiene items, laundry soap, etc.

Our club suggested them to participate in the rice giving event scheduled in the afternoon of that day. Gina of MSWD approved it and took all the 7 CICL’s to the site in barangay Sicat, Alfonso, Cavite, where 38 resettled families from Samar island live. We call the site “Camp Hope”

Prior to visiting the site, our club and AWH bought over 200 kg of rice and candies for children in the nearby market. Rice was in 5kg each package so that each family receives each individual bag of rice.

At the site, 7 CICL’s took part in providing candies and coins to the village children and the rice bags to the families. 20 peso bills were also given to every single village children.

7 CICL’s enjoyed temporary being out of confinement and sense of giving.

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