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Rotary Multinational Manila’s family planning program is focused on being an all-inclusive program that supports contraceptives, educational, and nutritional needs of families to pull them out of the vicious poverty cycle.  For this, we need your help. 100% of your donations go directly to support these programs.  You are welcome to visit us on site and in the field and be part of changing the world while we still have a chance.

Family planning is caring for the future of the children you create, caring for your community, your country, the environment.  But the poor and desperate can not think that far ahead.

Family planning is more than just providing contraceptives to desperate and needy women.  It starts with providing hope and support for poor women that see no way out of the vicious cycle of poverty and for whom survival on a daily basis is the most important consideration.

Hope is showing families that women are not just accessories to men or their “sex slaves” but a vital part of the family and community.   Hope is showing that there can be a future for their children if there is women equality.  Hope is showing through action that women are essential to pulling the family out of the vicious cycle of hunger and poverty, and that dependence on government subsidies does not provide a future for anyone.

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