Medical Mission – Saving the life of an indigent boy

Disease prevention and treatment

January 12, 2015
A post-Christmas support giving project turned into a life-and-death struggle. Academy of World Healing Foundation (AWH) and club members brought the almost terminally ill 18-yr old boy Henry, weighing 27 kilos (dying of malnutrition, lung infection, parasite invasion, cannot eat nor drink and totally dehydrated) along with his mother to Dr. Manzo’s Alfonso Health Center for initial check-up and the Alfonso hospital for x-rays, blood tests etc. (one lung non-functional due to infection). Mother admits not having birth certificates for either her son nor herself and emergency Phil Health assistance is not feasible. Henry, as indigent, is nevertheless transported on orders of Dr. Manzo by ambulance, along with a club member and rep. from DSWD, to a public hospital in Trece Martirez, then going on to Manila after admittance failed.

After two days the dying boy, not gaining admittance in any hospital, came back by public transportation to the barangay to die. Dr. Manzo suggests that the only way to save the boy, along with the medication provided to fight the infection, is to get his resistance up by providing high energy food such as ENSURE. Club members immediately purchased high energy food and also continued to support the mother (father died; 17-year old daughter has 8-month old baby and boyfriend ran away) until the boy would hopefully regain his strength to be dewormed and the mother can go back to work as a street Penoy/Balot egg vendor along Aguinaldo Highway. Henry was subsequently diagnosed with TB and the club supplied food and other incidentals inclusive of charcoal throughout the month to Henry and his mother as she had to stay home to nurse the boy back to health. Additionally, indigent families were provided bundled firewood throughout the month. Children were also provided with baked goods, sweets, clothing.

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