Teenage Pregnancy Forum #2 at Kaytitinga National High School in Alfonso, Cavite

Subsequent to the grade 9 students, RIMM conducted another teenage pregnancy forum for the grade 10 students at Kaytitinga National High School, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines. The majority of 150 grade 10 students attended and this time municipal councilors, Kiwanis members and LCPC (Local Council for Protection of Children) members joined the forum. RIMM’s new member, Betty also joined and gave a talk about responsibility of having children. Many panels made speeches in Tagalog, the language that can be understood by all the students.
After Ronalyn (the teenage mother) talked about her experience, some students asked questions directly to her like the last time but Q&A was cut in short as this time was presented by many local panels indicated above.

The students were listening to the panel speakers in a good manner. We hope that they remember what were discussed at the forum and prevent unexpected pregnancies at their age.

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