Christmas giving to indigents

Starting early morning of Dec 23, RIMM Rotarians delivered several van loads of cured firewood to 21 indigent squatter camp families in Brgy. Lucsuhin.  Led by IPP Raymund and supported by volunteer Christine, the wood shipment was followed in the afternoon with the delivery of 5kg. rice for each family, 80 coconuts, pandesal bread and coins for the children who put everyone in the Christmas mood by singing Christmas carols. Christmas is truly for the children.

On Christmas day PE Betty along with husband Fred and the whole family opened their home to the same indigent families and other indigents in the neighborhood, serving several hundred hearty meals from a large roasted pig along with individual wrapped presents for each child.

Christmas giving in conjunction with DSWD, Alfonso

On December 20, 2016, the Christmas giving party planned by RIMM in cooperation with DSWD-Alfonso, Cavite which had selected 51 of the poorest families in three barangays, got underway on a beautiful sunny day. By 8:00 am three vans and one truck had been loaded at the RIMM H.Q. with cured firewood for cooking, 51 bags of rice, assorted canned goods and coconuts. Additionally bananas, noodles, shampoos and bath soaps had been donated by volunteer Christine and her family.

The gift distribution team consisting of IPP Raymund, PE Betty (with husband Fred, grand daughter Ashana & assistant Andy), Honorary Member Jun Baurile, volunteer Christine, DSWD Alfonso Officer Gina (with husband Ric) and supportive members of her staff then quickly departed for the scheduled all-day event. Most of the items were distributed at individual homes but because of time limitations, some were distributed at a barangay hall. The handing out of gifts to surprised but very appreciative participants was accompanied by singing of Christmas carols with the children also heartily participating and receiving P20 bills for their spirited efforts in addition to ice cream from the ice cream vendor. It was truly a memorable and meaingful Christmas event for everyone.

ASP Team Visit

President Casey was out of country and PP Klaus and IPP Raymund attended the Team Visit meeting on December 7, 2106 at Aloha Hotel in Metro Manila. 5 district officers attended the Team Visit.

The team was supportive of our various community projects ie. End Tuberculosis Program, Teenage Pregnancy Forum, Visual Art Program, etc. in line with Rotary’s 5 areas of focus presented in our reports. The team relayed that we should try to recruit more members to our club. We told them that it had been indeed a great challenge to recruit service-oriented, dedicated and trustworthy new members. However with 13 members with such good traits we are fortunate to have such members presently.

The new Governor’s Visit schedule is set on January 12 (Thursday), 2017 at Aloha Hotel at 11 A.M. District Trainer Karen told that Governor Yuyek preferred to hold the Governor’s Visit in Metro Manila. The previous Governor’s Visit set this month was cancelled due to conflict in the Governor’s schedule.