DOH Anti-Smoking Campaign

January 30, 2015

As part of the Department of Health (DOH) national anti-smoking campaign, the municipal health office of Alfonso is conducting anti-smoking seminars such as in Luksuhin National High School in Alfonso, Cavite. IPP Klaus first provided a lecture about teenage pregnancy while BCP Casey lectured about the ill effects of smoking including the danger of second hand smoking. It was also explained that in addition to addiction by nicotine itself thousands of chemicals are used to make cigarettes more addictive to boost the sales of cigarettes. Seven dentistry interns from the University of Philippines joined such lectures as their project, stressing the ill effects of smoking as it pertains to oral health. Medical doctors and representatives of DOH also presented slide shows along with statistics and suggested solutions.

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Birth Certificate Project

Many of the new residents of Gulud, barangay Mangas squatter village, consisting presently of about 47 families, migrated from Western Samar to Manila and also Bacoor about 10 years ago. Children born during these wanderings, along with some of the adults, largely have no birth certificates, which are usually required to apply for Philhealth (national health insurance).
Multinational Manila members had meetings with the indigents and a young leader stepped forward to put together a written survey (name, date of birth, where born, mother, father, etc. of everyone not having a birth certificate).

AWH staff/Rotarians Casey and Raymund and a guest from Japan visited Gulud together with Gina of Alfonso DSWD, Dr. Manzo of Alfonso Municipal Health Center, and Tess of National Statistic Office (NSO), Barangay Mangas captain and a pastor of Born Again Christian and discussed about the procedure to apply for birth certificates of about 60 indigents.

20150127_102636 (Large) 20150127_104754 (Large)The NSO official stated that the requirements of delayed registration for birth certificates are as follows:
– NSO Negative Certification (certification of no birth certificate) P140/persons
– Baptismal
– Medical (immunization) Records
– School Records (Form 137)
– Barangay Certification
– Certificate of Indigence

(name of child, date and place of birth, name of parents)
– Voters Registration Certification
– Marriage Contract of Applicant
– Marriage Contract of Parents
– SSS Records
– Cenomar of Parents

20150202_100710 (Large)AWH delivered an additional van load of bundled firewood and pledged to assist NSO with payment for the negative certification with club Rotarians acting in the dual capacity of assisting with the process as needed.

20150202_094117 (Large)Local pastors volunteered to provide birth certificates for the Brgy. Mangas II indigents for free.

Baptismal Certificate given by a chapel of Iglesia ni Christo (Large)20150202_095611 (Large)As part of NSO requirements, nine children ages 0-59 months that had not yet resided at the squatter village during the September 2014 mass immunization were immunized.

Immunization for children under five years old 01 Immunization team from Alfonso Municipal Health

Women’s Health – Family Planning Support Evaluation at Makati Medical Center

Four of our club members visited Dr. Sonia Bongala, chairperson of the Department of Obstetrics and Ginecology at Makaki Medical Center for a review of practices, procedures and medical equipment used for women health issues inclusive of family planning. Our club sought for better ligation methods than BTL (Bilateral Tubal Ligation) and asked Dr.  Bongala the popularity of hysteroscopic sterilization in the Philippines as Makati Medical Center has hysteroscopy equipments which consists of an endoscopic camera, light sources, a monitor and nozzles. Possibly due to high cost of such method or patent issues, we learned that it is not yet feasible in this country.  Dr. Bongala explained that the equipment was being used to treat menstrual problems or to remove polyps, etc. 20150114_113902 (Large) 20150114_115801 (Large) 20150114_112319 (Large) 20150114_112632 (Large)


Medical Mission – Saving the life of an indigent boy

A post-Christmas support giving project turned into a life-and-death struggle. Academy of World Healing Foundation (AWH) and club members brought the almost terminally ill 18-yr old boy Henry, weighing 27 kilos (dying of malnutrition, lung infection, parasite invasion, cannot eat nor drink and totally dehydrated) along with his mother to Dr. Manzo’s Alfonso Health Center for initial check-up and the Alfonso hospital for x-rays, blood tests etc. (one lung non-functional due to infection). Mother admits not having birth certificates for either her son nor herself and emergency Phil Health assistance is not feasible. Henry, as indigent, is nevertheless transported on orders of Dr. Manzo by ambulance, along with a club member and rep. from DSWD, to a public hospital in Trece Martirez, then going on to Manila after admittance failed.
After two days the dying boy, not gaining admittance in any hospital, came back by public transportation to the barangay to die. Dr. Manzo suggests that the only way to save the boy, along with the medication provided to fight the infection, is to get his resistance up by providing high energy food such as ENSURE. Club members immediately purchased high energy food and also continued to support the mother (father died; 17-year old daughter has 8-month old baby and boyfriend ran away) until the boy would hopefully regain his strength to be dewormed and the mother can go back to work as a street Penoy/Balot egg vendor along Aguinaldo Highway. Henry was subsequently diagnosed with TB and the club supplied food and other incidentals inclusive of charcoal throughout the month to Henry and his mother as she had to stay home to nurse the boy back to health. Additionally, indigent families were provided bundled firewood throughout the month. Children were also provided with baked goods, sweets, clothing.

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