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Month: November 2015

Teenage Pregnancy Forum #2 at Kaytitinga National High School in Alfonso, Cavite

Subsequent to the grade 9 students, RIMM conducted another teenage pregnancy forum for the grade 10 students at Kaytitinga National High School, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines. The majority of 150 grade 10 students attended and this time municipal councilors, Kiwanis members and LCPC (Local Council for Protection of Children) members joined the forum. RIMM's new member, Betty also joined and gave a ...
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Updates on Indigent Settlers

RIMM has continued to provide financial assistance to the indigent settlers originally from Samar Island who were evicted from Gulad, Mangas II and recently relocated to Usting, Luksuhin Ibaba, Alfonso, Cavite, to help constructing their simple housings which mostly consist of plywood, bamboo and tarpaulin (plastic sheet). Their request of C.R. (comfort room) is now fulfilled. Two toilet rooms w...
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A New Member Joined

RIMM is a small club but has very stable members. The board selects quality persons who dedicate themselves in helping others, is stable and project oriented. Mrs. Betty Vicedo in our town qualifies in such criterion and decided to join RIMM. After orienting her with Rotary member responsibilities as well as RIMM activities and requirements, she was inducted as our new member.
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