Aetas Programs 2018

Family Planning

RIMM has supported Aetas, one of the minority tribes in the Philippines, who live around Subic, Olongapo areas.

Sponsored High School Aeta Students

In June 2018,ten Aetas high school students were sponsored with 4,500 pesos each annually to purchase their school uniforms, shoes, notebooks, bags, umbrellas, etc. The fund assistance will continue until their graduation. The sponsorship was originally established by the club founder Petrus Indrisi (deceased) and has been carried over with the club Rotarian Imelda and Ivan Indrisi (Petrus’s son).

Feeding 300 Aeta Kid Students

On July 22, 2018, a feeding program for 300 Aeta kid students was conducted by our club Rotarian Imelda in Subic, Xambales in order to nourish the malnourished children. The food fed included quail eggs and juices costing 10,000 pesos total.  The feeding program has been conducted annually.

October Indigenous Month Celebration

On October 25, 2018, Indigenous Month Celebration was held in Aetas community village. A dance competition under the theme of “solar power” was organized by our club Rotarian Imelda, providing cash prizes of 1st 10K, 2nd 8K, 3rd 5K and best costumes 2K pesos. The event has been held annually lead by Rotarian Imelda.

ICT Room Aetas Students

Our club Rotarian Imelda donated 10,000 pesos and purchased materials (wood, paint, etc.) to make 6 desktop computer tables in the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) room, benefiting grade five and six students.


On December 14, 2018, indigenous talent festival chiefly sponsored by the Department of Education was held in Hermosa, Bataan. Our club sponsored 13 indigenous students from Aetas village traveled 2 kilometers and attended the event. Our sponsorship was lead by our Rotarian Imelda.

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