Christmas Giving to Indigents

December is a giving time especially to children that suffer in poverty from the uncontrolled population explosion. Many of the indigent settlers from Samar Island who used to live in barangay Mangas II, Alfonso, Cavite were forced to relocate and now reside in Usting, barangay Luksuhin Ibaba. Because of space limitations families settled in several locations separated by about a 15 minute walk.

RIMM members visited these two sites and  provided sacks of rice, quality used clothes from Japan, firewoods for cooking their balut (fertilized duck egg with developed embryo), coconuts, P100 for each family, etc. Selling of balut is their livelihood and requires a ready supply of firewood which they have to buy if not available.

New club member Betty handed out 20 peso bills to the children and the elderly. Christmas cheer was celebrated with singing songs of the season. Betty also invited all indigents to a Christmas Day Party (Dec. 25th) at her home where she and her husband provided a hearty meal to over 100 indigents as well as gifts for the children.

20151222_113945 (Medium) 2015 12-22 Ustin 1 Betty giving to children (Large) 2015 12-22 Ustin 2 Raymund, to mothers (Large) 2015 12-22 Ustin 2-Rotarians, Christine, Ice Cream (Large) 2015 12-22 Ustin1 Group Photo #1 (Large) 2015 12-23 Truckload of firewood for Ustin II (Large) 20151222_102122 (Medium) 20151222_103628 (Medium) 20151222_103859 (Medium)

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