Providing Housing Materials for Informal Settlers

September 12, 2015

RIMM donated initial construction materials to assist in rebuilding the shanties of the informal settlers at Usting, Luksuhin Ibaba who were evicted from barangay Mangas II in Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines.

Barangay Luksuhin Ibaba lady Captain Cynthia was on site with us to witness the donation of the materials and rebuilding of the shanties.

Richard, the leader of the informal settlers, worked with all the male settlers on building four houses (one of which where Henry’s family resides) that needed assistances the most. They were very grateful of RIMM’s donation of the housing materials.

An additional funding is allocated to continue their house reconstruction this month.

IMG_20150911_083708 (Large)

RIMM is buying housing materials at a local hardware store for the informal settlers.

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