Staple Food for The Community

Disease prevention and treatment

On May 1, 2021, a past president Raymund on behalf of incumbent president Lito participated in the “Community Pantry” event at the new Barangay Sicat hall. The event was organized by the Brgy. Sicat Women’s Club who belong to the Alfonso Women’s Council and Barangay Sicat officials.

The “Community Pantry” idea was started by a lady in Quezon City who brought out her small table and placed assorted items such as rice, vegetables, etc. Many others who saw her kind gesture on social media were inspired by the idea and started to pour in their own donations on their tables. Everyday many indigent people lined up for such charity supplies with their own bags under the scorching sun to be able to bring home some food for their family. In a recent survey, many Filipino families are experiencing moderate to extreme hunger during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Our club contributed 40 packs of biscuits and 72 sachets of Milo drink and plans more to donate.

There were individuals who donated sacks of rice, canned goods, noodles and trays of fresh eggs. The Association of the Luksuhin Market contributed many fresh vegetables. Even face shields and masks were given out.

There were over 90 individuals including Camp Hope residents who lined up as early as 7 AM with their own bags.

Members of the Women’s Club monitored the event to ensure that social distancing and wearing of masks were observed during the event.


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