Aetas Indigenous Educational Support

Basic education and literacy

Our club member Imelda lead an educational support program for Aetas indigenous for the school year 2021-2022 at Subic, Bataan in multiple occasions.

With this educational support program, total of 265 Aeta Students were benefited.

The following is the list of donated items:

  1. School stationery materials for printing.
  2. Feeding for malnourished (under weight 65kg) students.  Distributed dry foods each bag with vegetables and fruits.
  3. Rice donation for School faculty.
  4. Donated 7 boxes of thermal gun scanner for fever and ample supply of antibacterial soup for hand washing.
  5. Distribution of school materials for 265 students at Christmas Gift Giving for Day Care Center, providing toys, assorted cookies and chocolate. Additional snack for 60 students and parents.
  6. Snack distribution at elementary school faculty year end party.
  7. Sponsored lunch for the school visitors who held the program for face to face classes grade 1 to 3
  8. Sponsored medals for graduation and for the recognition day
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