Typhoon Karding Relief Operation

Disaster Aid

Typhoon Karding (international name: Noru) affected the Philippines and impacted with widespread agricultural and housing damages at the end of September 2022.

A relief Operation in Cavite Area was conducted at Brgy. Timalan Conception and Brgy. Timalan Balsahan in Naic, Cavite. On October 12, 2022.
These are the primary places in Cavite that were heavily affected by the Typhoon Karding and one of the poorest and vulnerable communities in the province that needed help and assistance. Rising water and strong winds destroyed most of their dwellings due to the use of light and flimsy material for houses.

In addition to the recent calamity, local fishermen of Naic have greatly suffered because of the dredging projects for land reclamation in the province. The said projects are harmful for the environment, especially for aquatic life forms. The local fish production dwindled and affected the livelihood of the fishermen.

The volume of their fish catches decreased, small or almost no profit gained, while the majority of the fishermen have been struggling to go on fishing due to the recent drastic increase of fuel costs and maintenance costs of boats and fishing gear. It has become even more difficult for them to manage their everyday needs.

The beneficiaries were 100 families from the two barangays. The provided packages included five kilos of rice, a variety of canned goods and some hygiene products.
Ms. Fe Numeron of ‘Serve the People Corps’ from Cavite led the distribution of the relief goods.

Rotary Club of Multinational Manila (RIMM) donated 80 bags of 5 kilos per bag of rice worth around P15,000 Pesos for this relief operation. Current club president Lito Mondejar and past club president Raymund Balicha lead the unloading of rice package to the drop-off point on October 4, 2022.

The recipients were more than grateful for the relief packages.

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