Ligation April 29, 2014

On April 29th the first ligation service sponsored by Multinational Manila in cooperation with local health centers was conducted for indigent women that had already given birth to between 4-7 children and desired to end their child bearing days. The minor procedure was performed free of charge by Friendly Care, an NGO in family planning service that is backed by dedicated doctors and nurses. Multinational Manila provided the transportation costs for the women to the hospital and then directly back to their homes after the procedure as well as meals and a project start-up P1,000 recovery assistance for each of the ligated women. For future ligation services the club will further focus on financially supporting the efforts of the dedicated midwives that are instrumental in supporting such family planning efforts.DSCF4823[1] (Medium)DSCF4840[1] (Medium)DSCF4839[1] (Medium)DSCF4852[1] (Medium)DSCF4835[1] (Medium)DSCF4833[1] (Medium)

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