Donation of A Solar Charger

As we learned that the residents of the squatter village in Mangas II, Alfonso, Cavite were paying 10 pesos for every cellphone charging at their neighbor house, RIMM member donated his personal solar charger device to them.
Many gathered to see the magical instrument which they likely have never seen in their life. Since some cellphones required additional adapter cables, RIMM donated P150 cash so they can buy them in the market.

Updates of Henry (who were almost dying in the beginning of the year): He shaved his hair and looked all right.
Updates of the baby girl with a lump on her arm: The little space with some tarpaulin sheet wrapped as wall is where the mother and the baby girl sleep. They are just “borrowing” the space to sleep. The skin surface of the hemangioma has scabs.
The recently delivered baby who had a little jaundice before seem to be all right now. She just has some mosquito bites.20150331_152507 (Medium) 20150331_152837 (Medium) 20150331_152912 (Medium) 20150331_153023 (Medium) 20150331_153111 (Medium) 20150331_153856 (Medium) 20150331_153936 (Medium) 20150331_154541 (Medium)

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