Evicted Indigents Settled in Barangay Luksuhin

Captain Cynthia of barangay Luksuhin Ibaba accepted the indigent informal setters who were evicted from barangay Mangas and in corporation with the landowner discussed to settle the rules/regulations witnessed by Rotary members.

– Assign a leader to manage garbage disposal, peace & order, prohibition of liquor & drugs, etc.
– Luksuhin Health Center gives free medical check-ups & medicines every Wednesday
– the Usting residents will be the priority when her Barangay receives donations (ie. rice, used clothing, etc.)
– pathway improvement going towards Usting compound
– lighting of the path going towards Usting compound
– registration of all family members of Usting settlers by her Council
– nearby river clean-up with the Usting residents for environmental awareness
– senior citizen card assistance

In the meantime, we found that the informal setters have paid for one year land lease by borrowing fund from their egg supplier and committed to reside there. Therefore RIMM allocated funds to assist the construction of their simple housings, which will be reported to the next posting.

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