Sharing Everyone’s Limited Resources with Love during the Pandemic

Disease prevention and treatment

Having given up on life and crouching along the sidewalk, ready to die after being denied admittance to hospitals (See Jan 12, 2015 and Feb 12, 2015 posts), the undernourished boy was asked “Do you really want to die?” He whispered “No.” And so Club members immediately sprang into action to save his life with high energy food such as Ensure, and assistance to his mother to nurse him back to life despite his bout with TB.

Forward almost five years to September 2020 and to the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic with everyone struggling to have enough to eat. RIMM Rotarians, assisting indigent camps with necessities, became aware that the boy, now a young adult, is among them and dying of malnutrition even though a thoughtful indigent family is sharing its limited resources with him to keep him alive. RIMM immediately sprang into action again, purchasing medicine, initially high energy Ensure milk, inhaler spray and blankets, supplementing it with more regular diet food lovingly prepared by the thoughtful family.

After several weeks of supplemental nourishment and medicine followed up with X-ray checks by a local hospital and negative Covid-19 tests, Henry was back on the road to recovery.

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