Camp Hope – School Shoes & Uniforms

Basic education and literacy

On May 9, 2019, our club associate in the barangay (Vanessa) accompanied all of the students of Day Care, Kindergarten & High School of Camp Hope to Luksuhin market to fit their school shoes.

The senior high school students also fitted their new school uniforms bought at a store in Luksuhin market.

The school shoes & senior high school uniforms were provided by RIMM about which Vanessa reported that the students from Camp Hope were very excited to receive.

The mother of Vanessa as a sawer will finish with the sewing of elementary & high school skirts by next week.

We plan to distribute all of the school needs by May 28 as the new school year commences on June 3.


UPDATES on Birth Certificates:
A total of 15 birth certificates have been successfully released. The remaining 21 birth certificates are still on process. We are aiming to have all of the remaining done before the end of June.

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