Happy Birthday, Dear Grandmother!

Helping Indigent

After the Php3,500 monthly support for the parent-less street child Nino had expired in 2015, his grandmother was apparently forced out of her home in General Trias, Cavite with her grandchildren. After endless travels from place to place for several years and working under the most trying circumstances to pay the rent here and there while also attempting to put food on the table with our club’s support. Our club investigated and found out that she was basically swindled out of her home. Then our club fought back and brought her back into her original home in General Trias, Cavite after providing a settlement. She and her parent-less grandchildren are now living at home again, supported on a monthly basis during the pandemic, also remembering to celebrate the birthday of such a tough, loving and dedicated old woman that can teach us how to be appreciative of everything we have.

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