Integrated Leadership and Arts Workshop

Basic education and literacy

On February 19, 2021, Transformational President (TP) Lito conducted the Integrated Leadership and Arts Workshop (ILAW) at the headquarters of our club.

Our district 3810 granted our club P25,000 for the workshop.

There were 10 students under our scholarship program and an American student who actively participated in the workshop. Mario, a student who used to be at the nearby squatter camp and now resides in Northern Samar, connected online to get involved in the workshop.

Two guest speakers were invited namely Jose Tayolo, a Director and actor and Elvie Bueta, a writer, syllabus developer and actress.

Past President Raymund and Honorary member Sgt. Jun shared their involvements in the club during the workshop.

The workshop involved many activities involving different aspects of arts to seek and develop leadership skills of the students.

President Lito, who is a renowned sculptor and also was an art teacher, aims to gear up involvements of students to develop leadership skills for future community services.

Meals were served in the one-day workshop.

At the end of the workshop. certificates of participation were handed to the 11 students, speakers and volunteers Julie-Ann and Katrina.

The students discovered leadership skills that they could develop and the self confidence to talk in front of an audience.

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