Typhoon Ulysses Emergency Food Donation and Its Distribution

Disaster Aid

In order to provide immediate support to people everywhere suffering from the continuous calamities in the Philippines, our Rotary Club turned to Honorary Rotarian Baurile for advice. As Sergeant in the Army Reserve Command (ARESCOM), for which he would also be honored as the Best Enlisted Reservist of the Year in the Army Reserve for his unselfish and dedicated service to the people of the Philippines, he was leaving on a relief mission for the suffering victims of destructive Typhoon Ulysses the first week of December. He therefore suggested quick support for this mission and the club immediately provided him with ₱45,000 to purchase and package supplies, which consisted of rice, canned goods, cup noodles, biscuits and personal hygiene kits, that were distributed by the army with him as coordinator of the project to over 2,500 victims of flooding and displacement in the Province of Cagayan Valley.

We herewith want to thank our club members for their continuous support in making such humanitarian missions possible whenever and wherever the need arises.

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