Monthly Club Meeting with PP Don Shields of Rotary Club of Geelong Central (Australia)

On December 16, 2017 Rotary International Multinational Manila (RIMM) conducted its monthly meeting with a visitor, Past President (PP) Don Shields of Rotary Club of Geelong Central under District 9780 in Australia.

PP Don and his wife Loida committed to participate in our club’s community services as mentioned below:

1. As invited by President Ann San Antonio of Rotary Club of Manila Kalaw we will participate in their club’s community services at Asis Elementary School in Mendez, Cavite. It was originally scheduled on December 18, 2017 but postponed due to rainy weather. Media will cover the event wherein more than 500 public elementary school children along with their parents will be the recipients of the whole day humanitarian event.

RIMM will donate toothpaste and used clothing from Japan (donated by some guests of AWH) for the pupils and their parents. In addition, RIMM President Betty bought toothbrush and cotton earbuds for the event.

2. On December 28, 2017 we will be going to Usting in Luksuhin Ibaba in Alfonso, Cavite to donate rice, canned goods, used clothing including footwear from Japan and firewood for 80 indigent families. Gina of DSWD and Barangay Captain Cynthia of Luksuhin Ibaba will assist us.

PP Don has committed to donate P10,000 to buy needed additional items mentioned above to provide for 80 indigent families. In additional the mother of Rtn. KImiyo donated P8,000. Their monetary donations will be fully used for those 80 indigent families.

President Betty has invited us to join her on December 25, 2017 at her home to celebrate Christmas Day with many indigent families. She is going to prepare healthy sumptuous meals and give out gifts to them. We will also include this event in our club’s Midyear Review Report.

PP Don mentioned that his wife Loida was interested in joining our club. He also conveyed that many 2nd hand items in Australia (ie. remote controlled folding hospital beds, etc.) in good condition can be shipped to the Philippines. He told us to request any items we need from Australia, while customs matters in the Philippines are another issue.

Our neighbor friends donated 72 big bath soaps and 55 pieces of instant noodles. We intend to include these donations to Usting.

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