Donations to Day Care, Kindergarden & former Grade 6 students

Basic education and literacy

On June 19, 2018 RIMM represented by President Betty Vicedo and Incoming President Raymund Balicha donated complete set of school uniforms and shoes to the following:

  1. 36 indigent Brgy. Sicat Day Care pupils
  2. 15 indigent Kindergarten pupils at the Brgy. Sicat Elementary School
  3. 21 former Grade 6 pupils at Brgy. Sicat Elementary School who are now in Grade 7 High School

In addition to the above RIMM also donated assorted school supplies for a year supply and mono-block educational toys for the Kindergarten pupils.
The total cost of above donation was P50,170. The school officials and the students were very thankful to RIMM for the donations that greatly benefits the indigent students this school year.

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