Distribution of Rice and Firewood to Indigent Camps

Disaster Aid

On March 20, 2020 Pres. Henry and IPP Raymund distributed 12 sacks of rice and firewood to Usting 1 and 2 in Brgy. Luksuhin Ibaba and Camp Hope in Brgy. Sicat, Alfonso, Cavite for the second time.

There are over 50 indigenous families in the 3 camps. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, they became unable to go out and sell taho (tofu with brown sugar syrup) or balut (boiled duck egg) which brings their regular livelihood income.

The local government started to distribute rice and staple items, while RIMM continues to supply them canned food, additional rice, hygiene kits, water drums, etc. that are not provided by the government.

More than 42 children of Usting 2 lined up for the P20 bill given to them by Pres. Henry. The children hugged us with joy.

Updates on April 8, 2020

On April 8, 2020 Pres. Henry and IPP Raymund distributed canned sardines, noodles and laundry soaps to 51 indigent families in 3 camps located in Brgy. Luksuhin Ibaba and Brgy. Sicat in Alfonso, Cavite.

Because of the quarantine procedure in Covid-19 pandemic, RIMM quickly dropped the provisions and the camp residents picked them up.

The 3 indigent camps are receiving 5 kgs. of rice from DSWD each week.

The Enhanced Community Quarantine is extended to April 30. 2020.

Updates on 4/20/20

On April 20, 2020 RIMM made another delivery of canned sardines, noodles, germicidal body soaps and laundry bars to three indigent camp locations.

The 51 families whose income rely on selling ballot and taho appreciated this provision since their livelihood was adversely affected during this Covid-19 pandemic period. They said the germicidal body soaps are useful for their children’s hygiene since they cannot afford to buy it anymore. Observation of proper hygiene for these 3 camps is important to prevent the spread of Corona virus in the community.

RIMM is hoping for the release of government’s financial assistance program for the “poorest of the poor” who were adversely affected by the said pandemic through DSWD.

At the moment the 3 camps are receiving a ration of 5 kilos of rice and a pack of hot dog or a kilo of chicken from DSWD each week.

RIMM has been giving its weekly ration from DSWD to families having 9 or more children residing at one of the camps.

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