Indigent Support – Squatter Camp at Ustin II, Alfonso

Disaster Aid

On Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020, a drizzly rainy day, RIMM members went to Ustin II squatter camp in Alfonso, Cavite where twenty families reside.  This was a follow-up visit to the camp from five days ago where largely can food was distributed and further needs evaluated. One 5kg sack of rice was provided to each family, bread for the children, coconuts, firewood, 3 backpacks for high school students as well as notebooks for all elementary and high school students.  The most happiest ones were the children who carried the coconuts and firewood back to their camp and then got rewarded with the bakery goods.
The Ustin II families sell ballot (boiled slightly grown duck egg) but with the volcano outbreak there were few tourists to sell ballot to and everyone went hungry.  DSWD had therefore asked for our assistance for these camps which was immediately started on January 26 while finalizing our emergency relief efforts to the evacuation centers.  This completed the immediate emergency relief of AWH (Academy of World Healing Foundation) and RIMM to three squatter camps namely Camp Hope (21 families), Ustin I (9 families), and Ustin II (20 families).

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