Medical Mission – Helping Babies of Indigent Mothers

Margie Plandiano, an undernourished single mother at Gulug Mangas II, asked for assistance for her baby born in 2014 as it had a golfball-size swelling on her left arm (possible infantile venous hemangiomas). The club drove both to the Provincial Health Center where Dr. Manzo examined the baby girl. She will probably require an operation along with blood transfusion as the large swelling is increasing. Since the mother afterwards admitted not having a birth certificate for herself she was included in the batch of adults receiving birth certificates and is being provided with a certificate of indigence from DSWD. She then has to take the initiative and bring her baby to the Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo General Hospital in Trece Martirez for further check-ups. However, since there were no slots for indigents to receive Philhealth the club paid for her year’s registration (P2,400). Pediatrician Dr. Nasu from Japan visited AWH and also the site and diagnosed the swelling as possible infantile venous hemangioma which usually shrinks naturally after 1 year from birth.

20150216_145907 (Medium) 20150216_145902 (Medium)DSCF6036 ((Small)Another baby who was 10 days old at that time seemed all right but Dr. Nasu diagnosed as possible hyperbilirubinemia due to an indication of slight jaundice. It is however normal for some new born babies so just further observation was advised.

DSCF6117 (Medium) DSCF6120 (Medium) DSCF6121 (Medium)

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