Support for Indigent Camp

Disease prevention and treatment

Rotary International Multinational Manila (RIMM), represented by Past Presidents Casey and Raymund, our club member Maki Nakajima from Japan and 3 guests from Japan (Ken Yamamoto, sports doctor Iwai and Momo Kikuta) visited an indigent camp called Usting 2 in Luksuhin Ibaba on January 15. 2023 and donated 18 5kg-bags of rice (90kg total) for the indigenous families mainly selling balot (boiled duck eggs) as their main source of livelihood.

The rice was distributed among the 16 families in the camp and the remaining two bags were to be distributed to another indigent families in other area of Alfosno, Cavite.

The children also enjoyed snack bread handed by the Japanese guests.

There was a man with enlarged testicles who had a hard time walking due to its enormous size. He explained that he had pain occasionally and showed us laboratory test results. Doctor Iwai who has a license in Japan briefly diagnosed it as a benign tumor and suggested an operation to incise and get the fluid out.
PP Raymund will coordinate with the municipal health department.

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