Vocational Training #2 for Indigents as Electronic Technicians

Continuing effort to provide vocational training opportunities to barangay Mangas II residents, Dindo, a local electronic technician, has decided to voluntarily teach electronics. He was actually the one who assisted one of the birth certificate project activities. RIMM took eight willing trainee candidates including Henry to Dindo’s shop for introductory lecture. Dindo explained about capacitors, resisters, diodes, etc. sampling a PCB from an old CRT-based TV, which is still popular among the households in the Philippines.
Since there were too many students to fit in the tiny room of his shop, some did not seem to have understood well. However, many were willing to come back to pursue their interest of learning electronics.
Many of the trainees did not go to high school but Dindo explained basics so anyone can understand.
Dindo is not capable of providing food and transportation but the trainees understood and still appreciated the free training opportunity.
In the meantime, all of the six automobile mechanic trainees at Danny’s shop are still continuing their training.20150518_095512 (Medium) 20150518_103602 (Medium) 20150518_103615 (Medium)

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