Women Empowerment

0700 Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Roxas City01Six tough women pose proudly for a photo with work clothes supplied by UNDP (United Nations Development Program) before going to work cleaning up their typhoon-ravaged small islands located a few feet above sea level in the intertidal zones just north of Roxas City. Most of these women delivered their babies on their own even without the help of a midwife.


Roxas City02Such clean-up work is supported by a short-term work program grant from UNDP that champions the poor and disadvantaged. Locally administered by DSWD (Department of Social Welfare Development), it pays them P287/day. UN relief teams in the area also provided hygene supplies and contraceptive knowledge and needs that are virtually unavailable to the country’s poor and disadvantaged. It gives them a glimmer of hope for the future. Don’t let it die.


Roxas City03Typhoon-damaged homes on a small island in the intertidal zone.


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