Fellowship – Joint Meeting at RIMM

February 1st, 2015
Folowing the fellowship luncheon a joint meeting was held with the other Rotary clubs at the headquarters of Rotary International Multinational Manila. Joint teamwork for family planning and ligation in Manila was discussed. Highlighted was also the social problem of skyrocketing teen-age pregnancies, especially in the typhoon belt areas (where WHO reported 15,000 babies were born every month) and the need to find effective solutions to it. It is a major part of the expected 50 million population increase over the next 35 years that will most likely be uneducated and perpetually live in poverty as the country does not have the financial means to address their needs now or in the future.DSCF5943 (Large) DSCF5945 (Large) 20150201_161628 (Large)

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