Hygiene Products Distribution in Usting

Disease prevention and treatment

On March 20, 2018, RIMM members accompanied friends of PP Don Shields of Rotary Club of Geelong Central District 9780 Australia namely Kathie and Anthony to distribute hygiene products that they brought with them from Australia at Usting, Luksuhin in Alfonso,

Indigent women and their children were pleased to receive the hygiene products.

In the meantime, Since family planning is the flagship program of RIMM we reminded the women and young teenage mothers in Usting to voluntarily undergo free subcutaneous implant on April 11, 2018 to be conducted by RIMM, Friendly Care and Dr. Manzo (Municipal Health Officer of Alfonso). RIMM has offered cash incentive to Usting resident Roselyn who underwent tubal ligation to invite more women in her community for subcutaneous implant on April 11, 2018.

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